Adam Kirrander 

Chemical physicist with a passion for theory. My first area of interest was biophysics, but I quickly fell in love with how quantum mechanics can tell us what molecules, atoms, and electrons get up to. Now I try to contribute to our ever more sophisticated understanding of chemical dynamics. You can also check out a brief CV on LinkedIn, or my staff-page at the University of Edinburgh. Most of my papers are listed on Edinburgh Research Explorer and Google Scholar. Feel free to contact me!

Andrés Moreno

Research Fellow Mar 2018 - current

Andrés works on the theory of X-ray and electron scattering and dynamics. Before he joined the group he studied Chemistry and Physics in Madrid, and completed a 2-year MSc in Theoretical Chemistry. Andrés completed a PhD in the group 2014-2018.

Darren Bellshaw

PhD Student Jul 2015 - current

Darren works on molecular quantum dynamics simulations and ab-initio calculations in the context of ultrafast X-ray and photoelectron experiments. Before he joined the group he studied Chemistry at Heriot-Watt, and did a research project in the group of Prof. Gutowski. 

Nikola Zotev

PhD Student Oct 2016 - current

Nikola is a Carnegie Fellow working towards his PhD in our group. Nikola's research concerns new experiments at XFELs, quantum dynamics, and theory of X-ray scattering. He graduated top of the Chemical Physics programme at Edinburgh in 2016.


Mats Simmermacher

Chemical Physics Lecturer 2018-19. Research visitor autumn 2016 and Spring 2017.

Mats is currently a lecturer in Chemical Physics in Edinburgh. He finished his PhD in the research group of Prof. Henriksen and Prof. Mřller at DTU in Copenhagen, and was already a frequent visitor during the PhD, in part sponsored by the EPCC and HPC Europa.  These visits were always very stimulating, and it is great pleasure to now have Mats as a permanent part of our team!

Minas Stefanou

PhD Student Sep 2016 - current

Minas is a PhD student in the group of Prof. Eleanor Campbell, but Adam is his second supervisor and we collaborate on quantum molecular dynamics simulations in shockingly large systems… lots of fun!

James Budarz

Research visitor autumn 2015

James (who we know well from many beamtimes at the LCLS) came over from Providence and Prof. Peter Weber’s group at Brown to show us how to really have a good time in Edinburgh (and how to interpret experimental data, of course!).

David Rogers

Research computing officer (staff) here in Edinburgh until 2017

Although David was never formally part of our group (he was a member of staff here in Edinburgh), he was such an incredible asset to our group for so many years that he is now officially group-member for life…!


Hal Lewis

MChem Student Sep 2017 - Sep 2018

Hal wrote a very nice review on (X)FELs in his fourth year (2016-17) and decided to stay on for his final year research project in 2017-18. His work concerns XFELs and quantum dynamics.

Eleni Nesteros

MChem Student Sep 2017 - Sep 2018

Eleni is one of our brilliant Edinburgh students and decided to do her final year research project in our group during 2017-18. She works  on electron scattering from large organic molecules.

Maria Tudorovskaya

Research Fellow Dec 2015 - Spring 2018 

Maria is our HHG expert. She works on models of HHG, photoelectron spectrscopy, and quantum molecular dynamics simulations. She did her PhD in the group of Prof. Manfred Lein in Hannover.


Kenichiro Saita

Senior Research Fellow July 2014 - June 2015  

Kenichiro was recruited to an independent position at the Hakkaido University in Japan - we were sad to see him leave, but we are glad that he found such a great job.


Thomas Northey

PhD student Oct 2012 - Oct 2016

Before Thomas joined the group he studied Chemistry and Physics in Dublin, and obtained a MSc degree in Nanoscience. In the group his focus was elastic X-ray scattering, and he wrote the first version of our AIXRD code. After Edinburgh, he went a little bit south, to continue his research career as a postdoc in the group of Tom Penfold in Newcastle.

Nore Stolte

MChemPhysX Student Sep 2016 - March 2017

Nore investigated inelastic X-ray scattering from H-atom wavepackets for her final year research project.

Isabel Gonzalvez

MChemPhysX Student Sep 2016 - March 2017

Isabel studied ultrafast X-ray diffraction from LiF wavepackets for her final year research project.

Minas Stefanou

MChemX Student Sep 2015 - March 2016

Minas studied ultrafast electron diffraction and QMD simulations of ethylene. He continued on to a PhD in the group of Prof. Eleanor Campbell here at Edinburgh and is still affiliated with our group!

Katie McConnell

MChemPhysX Student Sep 2015 - March 2016

Katie studied wavepackets and wrote her own dynamics code. She went on to greener pastures in industry!

Odin Kvam

MChemPhysX Student Sep 2014 - March 2015

Odin studied dynamics and ultrafast electron diffraction for his final year research project. He was awarded the MChemPhysX Project Prize at graduation.

David Leslie

BSc Student Sep 2014 - March 2015

David helped develop the EXCITUNE spectroscopy-inspired computer game during his final-year project in our group.

people sergi siso godia 2014 1

Sergi Siso Goda

MSc student in High Performance Computing, Mar 2014 - Sep 2014

Before Sergi joined our group he studied Mathematics and Computer Science in Barcelona. In our group, he spent his time optimizing the CCS code for parallel computing, with some very impressive results. Sergi was awarded a prize for his project and a distinction.

people andrew clark 2014

Andrew Clark

MChemX student, Oct 2013 - Aug 2014

Andrew finished his MChemX research project this spring, and stayed on for the summer of 2014 to continue his research on heavy Rydberg states. Andrew continued his research career as a PhD student in Lausanne in Switzerland in the fall 2014.

Adam Michalchuk

MChemX student, Oct 2013 - Apr 2014

Adam graduated with a First (and the MChemX International Student Award) and continued his research career as a PhD student in the Pulham group at the University of Edinburgh. 

people Henri Suominen SET 2013 2

Henri Suominen

MChemPhysX student, Oct 2012 - Apr 2013

Henri presented his research at SET for Britain 2013 to MP's in Westminster, and received the MChemX Research Project Prize 2013 for his work in our group. He continued to do a PhD at the Niels Bohr Institute (Centre for Quantum Devices) in Copenhagen.

people Fraser Keir 2

Fraser Keir

MChemX student, Oct 2012 - Apr 2013

Fraser continued to a PhD student in the Pulham group at University of Edinburgh.